Testimonials - Meet some of Gaba's instructors!

Hear what instructors have to say about Gaba and Japan. There are responses from full-time staff as well.


Question 1:

What do you enjoy most about teaching at Gaba?


Question 2:

What do you think of the scheduling system?


Question 3:

How did you find the recruiting process?


Question 4:

What do you think of the clients?


Question 5:

What were your expectations before starting? Have they been met?


Question 6:

What was your biggest worry starting out and how did you overcome it?


Question 7:

What support have you received to ensure your success as an Instructor?


Question 8:

What new skills have you gained since you started teaching?


Question 9:

How does teaching one-to-one compare with teaching group lessons?


Question 10:

What changes would you like to see at Gaba?


Question 11:

How do you find life in Japan compares to home?


Question 12:

What’s your favorite spot in Japan?


Instructors and Full Time Staff

Question 13:

What teaching advice you would give someone just starting out as an instructor?


Question 14:

What changes have you seen in your time at Gaba?


Full Time Staff

Question 15:

What do you do at Gaba?


Question 16:

What do you enjoy most about being an Instructor Support Leader/ Academic Counselor?


Question 17:

What do you miss most about being an Instructor?


Question 18:

What opportunities are available to Instructors as they develop?


Recruitng events are conducted in various regions

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